Where We Are

Development is our third step in our 3-Step Plan for the South End. 

South End Improvement Corporation has proven to be both efficient and proficient in Stabilization, has shown great success with Revitalization projects, and are working hard towards Development projects. 

Where We Will Be

Development is important in ensuring safe, healthy, and affordable homes in our neighborhood

South End Improvement would like to be the catalyst for the community by working with potential developers in projects. 

How You Can Help

 As staff capacity increases, South End Improvement Corporation will strive to be a resource to the community and potential developers. 

If you would like to help in our organization’s growth, consider clicking the button below to Donate!

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38 Catherine Street
Albany, NY 12202

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Phone : 518-436-8777

Fax: 518- 436- 7656

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MON-FRI 09:00A.M-5:00P.M


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