SEIC Executive Director Position OPEN for Applicants

 | August 3, 2020 |

South End Improvement Corporation

Executive Director Position Description


The South End Improvement Corporation (“SEIC”) seeks a new Executive Director to oversee the organization’s ongoing efforts in maintaining and improving housing in the South End of Albany.


The Executive Director has broad responsibilities, as s/he has ultimate responsibility for all of SEIC operations and outreach. The Executive Director must interact and communicate well with clients regarding SEIC’s work, and with employees about their responsibilities and expected work performance. The organization also seeks someone who can also ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.


This is an excellent opportunity for someone with a growth mindset, a can-do attitude (e.g., someone who thinks “yes, if…” not “no, because…”), and a commitment to improving urban communities and families.



The present Executive Director invests the majority of her time in the following:

·      Ensure timely compliance with all relevant grant regulations. (**The Board envisions a future employee would assume these responsibilities if/once the SEIC could support additional salaries.)

·      Report monthly to the board on the progress of SEIC, staff and programs

·      Identify and pursue funding opportunities by writing grants for public and private sector funding


The Executive Director would, ideally, give attention to all of the following throughout the year:


Management and Administration

·      Provide general oversight of SEIC activities, manage the day-to-day operations, and assure a smoothly functioning organization that upholds its mission

·      Hire new staff as needed

·      Supervise and evaluate work performance of staff to ensure quality program delivery

·      Recruit volunteers and interns to add capacity to the organization

·      Oversee management and maintenance of two rental properties


Board of Directors

·      Participate in all standing and ad-hoc board committees, providing guidance, information and resources as needed, such as Finance, Governance, Rentals, Personnel, and Fundraising workgroups.

·      Work with the board and workgroups to assist in the development of:

o   policies and procedures for the organization, by providing guidance, information and resources as needed

o   Personal Action Plans for individual board members that support the Strategic Plan

o   Monitor performance measures to assess progress on objectives and goals within the strategic plan



·      Work with bookkeeper to manage finances, prepare for audits, and provide required financial documentation to funders

·      Provide financial management of SEIC’s rehabilitation programs

·      Maintain fiscal records to ensure fiscal compliance as required for grants and organization

·      With Board Finance committee develop and present the annual organizational budget to the board


Marketing and Communication

·      Serve as the chief public relations officer (be the face and first point-of-contact for the organization)

·      Ensure that SEIC’s website remains updated

·      Work with staff and the board to increase the organization’s visibility within the community

·      Collaborate with housing partners and larger South End network to promote and develop SEIC programs


Funding and Development

·      Develop relationship with Community Foundation of Capital Region

·      Serve as chief development officer, with responsibility for identifying, cultivating, soliciting and stewarding prospective and current donors

·      Ensure that the Board members are actively engaged in and supporting fundraising efforts, including meeting with individuals and groups


Outreach and Advocacy

·      Serve as chief spokesperson for SEIC, assuring proper representation of SEIC to agencies, funders, individuals and the community

·      Develop and nurture mutually-beneficial working relationships and partnerships with other organizations and stakeholders

·      Advocate for policies and programs supportive of SEIC’s mission, including annually lobbying the legislature for NPC funding and actively participating in local advocacy efforts

·      Collaborate with housing partners and Larger South End network to promote and further develop SEIC programs



·      Minimum Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree and at least 5 years housing or community development experience and/or not-for-profit leadership

·      Desired qualifications:

o   Knowledge of state and federal housing programs, like HOME, HTF and AHC

o   Strong oral and written communication skills, including successful grant writing

o   Fundraising experience

o   Supervisory experience

o   Experience in working with urban neighborhoods and residents

o   Strong computer skills in Word and Excel, QuickBooks a plus



Depends on qualifications, with a initial ceiling of $60,000. (The Board will, of course, consider future raises based on ED performance.)

Like other employees, the ED also receives 2 weeks paid vacation annually and employer contribution of 50% of the health care premium.


Learn more about SEIC at


Please send résumé to

South End group ramps up rehab efforts

Times Union | December 17, 2019

Members of the South End Improvement Corporation, from left to right, Yolanda Mott, intake coordinator, Eric Fagans, president of the board, Cynthia Herbach, executive director, Dave Schultz, rehab and development manager, and Jocelyn Archer, community engagement and marketing coordinator, pose for a photo outside the corporation's office on Catherine Street on Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019, in Albany, N.Y.


ALBANY – When you are living on a fixed income, maintaining a home can be a daunting task.

Layer on the challenges of maintaining an older home in a neighborhood where property values remain stagnant – even after dumping thousands of dollars into renovations  – and one can get a recipe ripe for deteriorating, vacant housing.

“This is where the red ‘X’ buildings start, and if we don’t nip them in the bud then they just spread,” said Cynthia Herbach, executive director of the South End Improvement Corp. “What we’re doing with that is stabilizing the neighborhood. Our programs are all geared to homeowners and neighborhood stabilization so that we can keep buildings from becoming substandard and provide safe and healthy, affordable homes for people who already live here.”

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