Who We Serve

Our clients are either long-term South End residents who need help with deferred maintenance or newer homeowners who find themselves debt burdened as a result of the restructuring of mortgages which has allowed them to spend a significantly greater percentage of their income on housing.


Our clients’ incomes are low to moderate. They are either on a fixed income (seniors and people with disabilities) or simply do not earn enough to maintain their homes.  One common reason is that in addition to caring for their own children, they have the added responsibility of supporting grandchildren and extended family.

They typically work in the service industry as nurses, nurses’ aides, home health care workers, teacher aides, and school bus drivers, or they work at low tier clerical state jobs.  Some are even self-employed. Often, our clients work more than one job to make ends meet.

Below is a map of all of the properties that we have helped to rehabilitate in the South End from 1978-2016.