“HARP is a very important program for homeowners.  I try to troubleshoot and take care of problems on my own, but sometimes things are above my head and above my pocket.  I’m grateful the assistance is out there.  SEIC was an effective go-between me and the contractors.  Even when a small issue came up, SEIC quickly resolved it.  Going through the program gave me a greater sense of pride in my property and motivated me to do more for my home.”  
–  Monwella T.


“SEIC should be recognized because the work it’s doing is vital to help maintain the historic character of Albany’s neighborhoods. The staff is very cordial, knowledgeable and helpful.  The contractors used for my house were professional and easy to work with.”–  Joyce F.


“What I appreciate most is that SEIC’s staff take their jobs personally in helping families in the South End area.  My roof was leaking, my siding was off the back of my house, and one of my kitchen cabinets was broken.  I am a senior and could not have done this work without South End Improvement’s help.” –  Cleva D.


“As a first-time homeowner, there were a lot of issues with my house that I wasn’t aware of. The rehab staff at SEIC really knew how to assess what was happening. They kept the lines of communication open and hired contractors who were total professionals.  Their crews did an outstanding job.  Working with SEIC has been an education in old houses and their upkeep.  The rehab assistance is a major relief…a godsend!​​–  Howard J.