Success Stories


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Re-paneling exterior

One example of our work is a home on Second Avenue. The owner has lived in the South End for nearly 30 years and owned his home for nearly 20 years and has been an active participant in the South End. Now retired and living on a fixed income he is no longer able to maintain his home without assistance.

Over the past year SEIC has rehabilitated his home. Using our grant funds and coordinating with other service providers that complemented and enhanced the value of our work. These including Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA), Albany Community Action Partnership (ACAP), and the Affordable Housing Partnership. Added services increased energy efficiency and the work that was completed.

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Dry rotting found under paneling.

The work done by SEIC included:

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    After photo of the exterior

    Removing and properly abating Lead and Asbestos siding

  • Removing the unstable coal shed from the rear of the home
  • Removing and rebuilding exterior structures that had dry-rotted
  • Providing proper drainage to prevent future damage
  • Painting the exterior