Programs & Services


SEIC currently operates 3 home-owner rehabilitation programs, one home buyer development program and administers CDTA’s Homeowner Transit Use Incentive Program.

We operate our homeowner rehab & homebuyer development programs in partnership with other grantors and service providers such as the Albany Community Development Agency, the Albany Community Action Program and the Affordable Housing Partnership to pool funding to meet the needs of your home.

CDTA Transit Incentive

The South End Improvement Corporation administers the Capital District Transportation Authority’s (CDTA) Homeowner Transit Use Incentive Program which encourages home ownership in transit-supportive neighborhoods.  New South End homeowners can receive two free bus passes for up to two years.  There are no income restrictions.  Recipients are required to occupy their new home for at least 24 months from the date of purchase.

For more information, contact CDTA Planning at (518) 437-6865.


The Construction & Management for profit branch of South End Improvement Corporation, SEIC Construction & Management, LLC, was formed to further our mission of stewardship of the neighborhoods of the City of Albany through preservation and development of the housing stock of the city.

  • Building Inspections & Scope of Work reports
  • Project feasibility & code compliance analyses
  • Architectural Plans & Specifications
  • Administration of construction contracts
  • Supervision of construction work

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