The South End Improvement Corporation is a not-for-profit neighborhood preservation corporation serving the South End of the City of Albany, NY. We work to help residents improve the condition of their homes and the quality of their neighborhoods.


​​In 1978, community activist, Elfrieda Textores and members of South End Concerned Citizens founded the South End Improvement Corporation to draw attention to the needs of the South End, tap into funding for housing and public improvements, and give residents a voice in decision-making affecting their neighborhood.  Forty years later, we remain a critical partner in the revitalization of Albany’s largest downtown district.


As stewards of the South End we promote fair housing through preservation and development.


Our vision is a diverse, vibrant and inclusive community where residents have equal access to services and quality housing.


We carry out our mission by:

  • Obtaining public and private funds to provide housing maintenance and rehabilitation to our neighbors. Our efforts help owners stay in their homes, preserves housing stock and provides for a sustainable neighborhood.
  • Providing affordable rental housing.
  • Collaborating with community groups to organize neighborhood clean-ups, and advocate for new transit service or permanent affordable housing.
  • Partnering in the new Albany County Land Bank to guide the reuse of abandoned properties in our service area.