SECC Community Meeting

June 20 Meeting Update JPEG

A coalition of South End organizations and residents working together in the South End, called the “South End Community Collaborative (SECC)” has been recently formed to align our goals and work together to improve our community.

Though all of the SECC meetings have been open to the public, we did not make an attempt to reach out to the entire community until we had an idea of what we were trying to accomplish.

We have identified 3 areas that we are looking at to work on in workgroups:
– Youth & Community Development
– Environmental Justice & Health
– Economic Development & Housing

Our mission is to “engage and mobilize our community to create radical, effective change”.

We are inviting anyone in the community to attend and be a part of this group so we can work together to make the South End better for all of us!

We will meet in the Auditorium of Giffen Memorial Elementary School at 6PM on Wednesday, June 20. Hope to see you there!

For more information contact:

Allie Bernhard, Housing Program Assistant at SEIC
at or (518) 436-8777

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